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When you come across that angelic clearing in the woods, overlooking the water, or that little-known lake in all of its peaceful majesty, you’ll be ready to savor it with SimplyJuant.com. We are an adventure gear outfitter here to help you seek out those peaceful moments, the ones only you can fully understand, when the world seems to stand still and feels like it is in your hands. Whether you enjoy having those moments at the end of a tough run or at the peak of a mountain, our products are dedicated to helping you refresh and renew.

Maybe you are a runner and your beaten-up running shoes have weathered many tough outings, but they are the shoes that you lovingly put on every time. Our fitness technology accessories include activity trackers as well as heart rate monitors, poised and ready for the pursuit of the push. A keyring compass can be attached to a keyring or a neck lanyard and is perfect for trail running and backpacking alike. In fact, our compasses and GPS supplies will beckon you to go off your favorite trails and find your own adventures off the beaten path.

No matter where your favorite escape lies, be sure to check out our travel accessories online, and get ready to have some really cool stories to tell. If you can just taste the sparkling water, lightweight dry sacks will keep your camera ready to snap some selfies on an exotic island. Looking to keep your gear safe on land? Our survival bags for sale are ready for your favorite destination. Don’t forget quality headlamps for exploring caves or just feeling secure on an evening stroll along the waterfront. Your adventure awaits at your fingertips.