Fitness Technology

Fitness Technology Accessories Make Fitness Simple

When it comes to keeping track of your fitness goals, nothing beats handy fitness technology accessories. Great technology should make your life easier and more fun, and what you’ll find here at SimplyJaunt will also be affordable and top quality. We are committed to bringing you the very best in fitness technology so that you can meet all of your goals and keep track of your activity quickly and easily. Whether you are caring for health concerns, improving your overall fitness or losing weight to fit into your favorite clothes, we have what you need to track your goals. Shop with us for a wide selection of the best affordable fitness tracker watches and heart rate monitors on the market.

Take a Heart Rate Tracker Watch Anywhere You Go

There are so many great ways to track where you are, physically. Whether you want to know how many steps you\'ve taken, how fast your heart beat and for how long, how far you have traveled or how many calories you\'ve burned, there is technology that can help you keep monitor how well you\'re doing at sticking to your goals and making progress in your fitness journey. If you\'re looking for a heart rate monitor, you\'ll be happy to know that we offer everything from a Polar GPS Sensor to a Magellan Echo Fit sports watch monitor. When it comes to name-brand activity trackers, you\'ll find Garmin Vivofit 3 activity trackers, Fitbits and more. Shop now!